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The Exhibitionists Women's Art Salon takes place the second Tuesday (more or less) of every month. We discuss artistic, social and cultural issues, plan performances and collaborations, drink beer and shoot the shit. We typically meet at 7:00 pm at locations in Manhattan.

Next Meeting:
Wednesday, November 28th at 7:00 pm

Location: Marion's at 354 Bowery between Great Jones & E. 4th Streets
Directions: 6 to Astor Place - right onto Cooper Square, walk down four blocks.

R or Q trains downtown to 8th Street - Walk downtown to 4th Street and make a left. Go two blocks until you reach Bowery. Then make a right and we are in the middle of the block.

F and D to Broadway Lafayette. Proceed uptown until you reach Great Jones St. (3rd St.) and make a right until you reach Bowery and we are between Great Jones and 4th St

Our Discussion Topic: TBD

Past Meetings & Discussions:

August 2007: Discussion Topic: A particularly interesting ‘friend’ we’ve acquired on our myspace page (, called the suicide girls - “With a vibrant, sex positive community of women (and men), SuicideGirls was founded on the belief that creativity, personality and intelligence are not incompatible with sexy, compelling entertainment, and millions of people agree. The site mixes the smarts, enthusiasm and DIY attitude of the best music and alternative culture sites with an unapologetic, grassroots approach to sexuality.”

So, the question is do we love them or hate them? Are they doing something positive, or reinstating the woman-as-object idea?

July 2007: Discussion Topic: This Month's Topic: Collaborations, Partnerships, and Selfless Acts of Creativity

Come to the meeting ready to talk about how power in numbers has or will impact your work. Have you done collaborative work? Partnered up on an exhibition opportunity? Or worked in a way that allowed you to really connect with others involved? How do collaborations effect the work? What factors change the process for the better? or for the worse?

June 2007: Our collaboration with A.I.R. Gallery on their annual postcard exhibition, Wish You Were Here

Because the theme of the exhibition is postcards and lends itself to things like nostalgia and communication, we decided it would be a good opportunity to collect the SEVENTY topics that the exhibitionists have discussed throughout our SIX YEAR HISTORY (!) and develop cards based on those topics.

May 2007 Open Studio Visit with Open Ground at Emily Bicht's studio in Astoria

April 2007 Discussion Topic: Judy Chicago's "Dinner Party" and Spring Fever!
We have two things to discuss this month. One is the permanent installation of Judy Chicago's "Dinner Party" at the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum. The other is Spring Fever! What are you working on? What are you excited about?

August 2006 Discussion Topic: Grants and Funding for Artists and Writers
Living check to check, choosing between buying paint or buying food, Paying rent on the 3rd of the month if your lucky... Artists and Writers are often lookin for ways to stretch their money - if they have any at all! Let's get together, spend a little hard earned cash on a drink or a snack at Marion's, and share stories about grants, funding, and other financial support systems we've discovered, or invented!

June 2006 Discussion Topic: Artist Residencies

April 2006 Discussion Topic: Artists Statements
Don't forget to submit your artist statements/writing samples to the yahoo group to get help from other artists and writers!

July 2005 Discussion Topic: Don’t Quit Your Day Job
This month’s Exhibitionists discussion topic will focus on the ways we make our double lives work. Whether we struggle to keep our living expenses within the “starving artist’s budget,” wake up (or go to bed, in my case) at zero o’clock in the morning to squeeze in more creative hours, scrounge money to pay someone else to clean the apartment every few weeks, maintain a mindless job that doesn’t sap creative energy away, enjoy an art-related job that enables networking and some proximity to art, or are building a second career in the corporate sector, we all have tips and advice we can share with each other to try and make the path to our creative success a little easier.

May 2005: The Exhibitionists Are(!)
Semi-public screening of The Exhibitionists documentary, The Exhibitionists Are, by Luigi Di Crasto and Santino Di Renzo.

April 2005: Five-Year Anniversary!
It's April of 2005, which means, The Exhibitionists Women's Art Salon is five years old! And to celebrate, we're *not* going to have a salon this month! Instead, we're going to get together for a screening of The Exhibitionists documentary, The Exhibitionists Are, by Luigi Di Crasto and Santino Di Renzo.

March 2005: Realism vs. Fantasy: Escaping from the Current Reality
Where is the line drawn between reality and fantasy in a work of art? Is fantasy more effective when it is anchored in or springing from reality? What do we gain from escaping the current reality via art, music, literature, film or theatre?

February 2005: Aren't We Grown-Ups?
According to a recent TIME magazine article:
"Social scientists are starting to realize that a permanent shift has taken place in the way we live our lives. In the past, people moved from childhood to adolescence and from adolescence to adulthood, but today there is a new, intermediate phase along the way. The years from 18 until 25 and even beyond have become a distinct and separate life stage, a strange, transitional never-never land between adolescence and adulthood in which people stall for a few extra years, putting off the iron cage of adult responsibility that constantly threatens to crash down on them."

Our generation has more collective debt—mainly stemming from educational loans and credit cards—than any other before us. Many of us graduated college and were then swept up into the dotcom era of inflated salaries and jobs aplenty, only to be spat out the other end and suffer multiple layoffs, lack of health insurance, an impending social security crisis and a general disenchantment with the daily grind. Not to mention diminishing support for the arts. So, are all these factors keeping us from "growing up," as the TIME article suggests? What are some practical things we can change to improve our lives?

January 2005: Defining Success
What determines one's success as an artist? Presumably there is some mental equation we all do, but with so many variables the calculation is tricky. Aside from the obvious (fame, fortune, influence, merit), consider that most artists don't even become famous, or even widely recognized, until after their deaths (though perhaps, with modern media and technology this is changing?). Observe critics hustling for the next big star, but notice that many of the stars seem to drop out of the public eye fairly quickly. Contemplate how an artist's work may be reviled in his or her own country, but revered in others. How do such variables affect the notion success? How do you define success for artists you admire? Can you definitively say who the most successful artists in your field are today? What measures do you use to evaluate your own success as your career develops?

December 2004 – Winter Holiday Break

November 2004: The State of the Arts
We are not a political group, per se, but we are a group of women who care very deeply about what is going on in the world around us, as well as the world afar. We must continue to hold our desire for knowledge and justice sacred, to keep working for what we believe is good and worthy and necessary in the world, to strive for the best in ourselves and our art, and to continue trying to make a difference—even if at times our efforts may seem futile.

October 2004: In the Now
A casual discussion about how the current political climate is affecting us and our work.

August 2004: The Future of The Exhibitionists

A topic chosen by our dear documentary filmmakers. We may consider touching on the interdisciplinary nature of the group, the salon as an alternative or complement to our pursuits in the mainstream arts/literary/performance worlds, and how our association with each other helps us evolve as individual artists (or not?).

March 2004: The Future of The Exhibitionists
It's only a month before The Exhibitionists Women's Art Salon turns 4 years old. We started out with modest hopes of meeting other art gals in the city, having some interesting informal arts related discussions, and desiring to create a group that would support emerging women artists. Four years, 15 events, 7 workshops (including this month's bookmaking), and almost 40 salons later it's time to reflect on what we've done as a group and determine our path for the future.

February 2004: Exhibitionist Campaign 2004 - Part II
This will be a continuation of our January meeting. We'll be planning events and campaigns for the upcoming year, including further discussion of our Exhibitionist promotional calendar, the Exhibitionist Blog, our Whitney Biennial invasion and our upcoming 2004 fundraising event. Put your thinking caps on, ladies!

January 2004: New Year Planning - Part I
This will be our fourth year in existence. What are we going to do to make it our best year yet?! We've got lots of ideas for events, workshops and campaigns, and we're looking forward to fleshing them out with all the Exhibitionists!

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