THE EXHIBITIONISTS (women's art salon)
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Collaboration with A.I.R. Gallery on their annual postcard exhibition, Wish You Were Here
A.I.R. Gallery, Manhattan
Using the postcard format, "the exhibitionists" visually address an array of important and pertinent issues surrounding the state of the art world and women artists past, present and future. The topics are culled from their meetings over the last 6 years.

The Exhibitionists Are PRESS RELEASE
Naked Duck Gallery, Manhattan
The Naked Duck Gallery presents THE EXHIBITIONISTS ARE, a video documentary in which Santino Di Renzo and Luigi Di Crasto follow sixteen members of The Exhibitionists Women’s Art Salon as they bare their artistic selves to the scrutinizing eyes of the New York City art world. MORE>>

Tribes Gallery, Manhattan
The word "threat" can be construed in various ways. Ten New York City-based artists explore its meanings through social, political, environmental and sexual themes. Each artist draws the viewer in as they play passive and aggressive roles through their works. MORE>>

delicious living ARTICLE
November 2004
Why building communities is good for you and the world. FORM A SALON... MORE>>

Small Works for a Full City PRESS RELEASE
Full City Coffee, Manhattan
Full City Coffee presents The Exhibitionists and their Small Works in Painting, Drawing and Photography. MORE>>

Naked Duck Gallery, [Williamsburg] Brooklyn
Reminiscent of the Surrealists' cadavre exquis (exquisite corpse) process — a process that led to strange, unpredictable, sometimes grotesque results — Exquisite connects the divergent voices and styles of 12 artists, writers and performers. The featured Exhibitionists will link arbitrary creative elements, not by connecting lines from the previous participant, but by applying the same instinct to the curatorial process and the collaborative nature of the group show. MORE>>

Freight, Manhattan
The Exhibitionists explore the seamier (or at least darker) side of life in their upcoming show Nightlife. Festivities occur in two parts: Opening night celebration for the visual artists on Friday, September 27th starting at 7:00pm. On Saturday, October 26 readings and performances inspired by the nightlife theme and hosted by star emcee Jennifer Deaderick will commence at 7:00pm. DJ j.u.l.i.e.t.a will be spinning etno-core radishkal muzika for the disorderly both nights. Expect the Exhibitionists' usual no-fear, no-qualms approach to art and performance. MORE>>

Body in Motion, Bedlam in Mind PRESS RELEASE
Galapagos, [Williamsburg] Brooklyn
Support Women Artists in NYC
The Exhibitionists will reveal their thoughts on sex, sexuality and relationships in their upcoming show Body in Motion, Bedlam in Mind. Opening night performances and celebration will take place on Saturday January 19th starting at 7:30pm. The art show will extend through February 9th, 2002. Body in Motion, Bedlam in Mind will highlight both individual and collaborative works by The Exhibitionists and will creatively exploit the Galapagos art space with sculpture, painting, photography, digital art and other burlesque-style temptations. MORE>>

The Casco Bay Weekly
Portland, Maine
BARING ALL: A Celebration of Exhibitionism
Eight female Exhibitionists are showing their stuff at the Skinny, but the guardians of public decency need not worry the former porn theater is reverting to its wicked ways. The Exhibitionists is the name of a group offemale artists from New York City whose work will be on display at the Congress Street nightclub until July 31. MORE>>